Sunday, November 29, 2009

BEN 10 Power Of The Omnitrix Part 1

Brought Azfar Q, Ammar & Adam for the much anticipated BEN 10 Live On Stage @ Plenary Hall KLCC last Saturday the 28th Nov. There was a sudden influx of little Ben Tennysons around Level 3 that day! The atmosphere was truly charged, was it caused by the power of the many Omnitrix donned by the little Bens? hehe

It was a special day for my boys, having the chance to watch their favourite heroes come to live, and indeed it was a spectacular show! To see Cartoon Network's famous alien-morphing boy hero on stage was indeed a treat to BEN 10 fans, hey it was a treat to the moms and dads as well! I enjoyed it much. The cool skateboarding stunts, awesome BMX bike challenge, thrilling acrobatics were fabulous and it was jam-packed with what boys love most - ACTION!

Before going into the hall, the boys had a grand time posing with the characters. Not the real ones though... heh heh

Adam with Alien Squidstrictor

Adam & Ammar with Heatblast

Adam & Alien Rocks

Q, Ammar & Adam with their fans which spelt out "It's Hero Time!", "Power of The Omnitrix" and "Going Hero" in neon green light. Pretty cool this one.


Adam Tennyson! hehe

Ammar with a secret box with the Omnitrix symbol

Okay folks, end of Part One. Will continue with actual pictures inside the hall in the next post. Stay tuned ok :)

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Miss S said...

I showed audrene yr ben 10 photos and asked kenapa dia tak amik gambar kat sini semua.. she said... takuttt! hehehe!


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