Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Here's To Health & Beauty!!

Heya Peeps! Just wanna update on what I have been doing for the past 9 days. I have been on a structured diet. Hehe. I can only consume a limited variety of food, and preparation methods are strictly limited also. The only oil I can use is olive oil. So far so good I must say. This is the first time ever that I am following a diet that truly puts me in a good mood! Although I am taking less food than per usual, but I have no unneccessary cravings or constipation problems. This is actually an age-reversing diet ;-) specifically for healthy glowing skin. But hopefully I can shed a little bit of weight as well as a bonus. But all in all, no matter what the results will be, I am ecstatic that I am eating a much HEALTHIER diet, and I am feeling GOOOOODDD!!!

Here are some pics of my meals : Healthy and heart-friendly!

Pan seared salmon with cherry tomatoes and blanched tofu

Egg whites on multigrain toasted rolls

Smoked catfish with cherry tomatoes

Dark Chocs and Grape Juice

Grilled tilapia with cherry tomatoes and grapes and tofu

Strawberries and dark chocs

Oats with grapes

Grape juice, grapes.. Yeahhh, mad about grapes!

Grilled salmon with tomatoes

Egg whites on wholemeal bread

It has been 9 days so far and I have 19 more days to go! Then most probably I will take a break for 3 days and I will continue with the second cycle :) Wish me luck peeps! Luv Ya!


Anonymous said...

gud luck!! kalau la has pun gigih menjaga makan..kn follow nih

fizamior said...

grapes tu membantu kuruskan badan yea... eat healty.. tp kalo saya, cam tak blh je... hihihi...iman tak kuat..

MommyCT said...

gud luck....hubby nye diet like yours...but not 100% oil free yet. Using sunflower oil now.

fAjRInA said...


adlina said...

Untuk Salmon tu, U letak apa ye masa grill tu, nampak sedap!!

eynda said...

Menarik sangat!! Any website utk rujuk cara pemakanan ni??

superheroes' mom said...

friends, this is actually a diet specifically for healthy glowing skin :) an age-reversing diet. but at the same time, u will lose weight as what u eat has few calories but still will contain enuff nutrients.
this diet is actually introduced by my friend who had tried it and got good results. basically apa yang i tunjuk kat atas tu lah food yang boleh diambil.
for salmon, just drizzle salt, black pepper, and herbs like rosemary, thyme or even italian mixed herbs. panfry/grill the squeeze a little lemon juice :)

Pink Mama said...

wahhh lepas ni u sure kurus punya Babe =)


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