Sunday, March 28, 2010

TAG Kasut From Lady of Leisure

Dapat Tag kasut dari Lady of Leisure yang comel itu. Thanks dearie :)

Brand: Crocodile, Carlo Rino, NautiFit
Harga: I forgot but bought all three on sale so I got a good deal :)
Tahun beli: Hmmnnn I think it was early this year or last year on the last days of 2009.
Reason beli: Ohho - to equip myself with sepatu lenjan for everyday wear. Bought them @ Sunway Pyramid if I'm not mistaken. Must be there lah, coz we usually go there for shopping as it's nearer. These 3 do serve my purpose well. Just for daily routine of a stay-at-home mom. Chauffering the kids, groceries run...... u get the idea.

So now this tag goes to:

All my readers who's crazy about shoes and would like to have a go at this tag :) Silakan ye...jangan malu-malu. Ceritakan kepada kami perihal kasut favourite mu itu.....


sisdee said...

heheheh merah mak ngah :D

semua kasut u nmpk comfy kan :)

Lady of Leisure said...

hehe.. tersipu2 i tengok perkataan comel tu... :D
thanks sebab buat tag ni.. :)

superheroes' mom said...

sisdee, red is actually my mom's fav color... tapi bila I tgk balik, my brg2 byk gak warna merah...hahaha... ter'influence' ngan my mom la ni. i suka pink

superheroes' mom said...

ladyleisure, u r most welcome :) and u mmg la comel sgt ;)


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