Monday, March 1, 2010

O'Stars, See Ya in MIHT 2011!!

I'm sure u have heard of the term Opposites Attract? Haha. That term defines me and Mr Ako really well. He loves sports so much that I remembered hin partaking in almost ALL types of sports available back in our high-school days. While I SHY AWAY from, or rather totally RUN AWAY from any type of sporting events!! Memang I tak malu mengaku memang I am the classic 'kaki bangku' or whatever u call it lah. His love for sports is the reason he is still active in competitive events such as the MIHT 2010 held recently. And there is no denying his passion for Inline Hockey. And so passionate is he that his enthusiasm rubs in on me, but not enough for me to skate or play hockey (God forbid!) but enough to make me a fanatic fan of team O'Stars MY!!

O'Stars Logo

# 11
Mr Ako

# 21
My buddy Fadzil :)

Mr Ako circled in red, pic 1

pic 2

pic 3

pic 4

pep talk at half-time

after the last game on day 2

O'Stars played 5 games altogether durimg the 2 day event of MIHT 2010:

First day: O'Stars won 3 games against: Indonesian Wild Panthers, Hong Kong Team B, and Underdogs Blue MY... Bravo Bravo!!!

Second day: O'Stars lost two games against: Singapore's Piranhas and Singapore's Project Strikers

What can I say? On day 2, my Stars memang nampak PANCIT :( Don't want to comment further, just hope that they will continue to train regularly and faithfully till the next MIHT 2011. You guys can do it O'Stars! Show 'em what u got next year!!!! Go O'Stars!!

and psssttt... Cobalt Q eh Mr Ako? InsyaAllah ;-)

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