Monday, March 1, 2010

Our Spicy Manja Sunday Roast

Usually Sundays are OFF cooking days for me. And Saturdays I usually prepare roast as it takes very little preparation time and the result is always goooooood. Nobody could resist a fragrant and juicy roast chicken right? And u just have to marinate the chic, chop up the potatoes and veges and sprinkle some herbs and seasoning and pop everything in the oven! No need for stove cooking at all. Best kan?

But last weekend was the Malaysian Inline Hockey Tournament 2010. Friday and Saturday I was busy cheering on Hubby and his team O'Stars Malaysia, so no cooking done at all those two days :) Had light breakfast at home, went off to tourney venue and lunch at Jaya One on both days. Then back to the games and dinnertime just went to restaurants in BJ.

On Sunday, was rather tired out from the tournament (bukan players aje letih ye, tukang sorak pun letih juga hehe), so prepared Sunday Roast for the fam. Puas hati sebab semua in the family suka dish ini. So one dish caters for all. Senang cerita eh?

Spicy Manja Sunday Roast
Roast Chicken with Potatoes and Carrot
Manja sebab pedas ala2 manja gitu, pedas sikit2 je :)

Grilled Vegetables as accompaniment
Red Peppers, Aubergines and yellow Cherry Tomatoes
Bon Apetit!!


mariam said...

looks absolutely yummy!

what you use to marinate the chicken?

superheroes' mom said...

hello mariam :) just shallots and garlic, a bit of ginger, a tad of blended dried chillies, a sprinkle of ground black pepper and turmeric powder, and salt secukup rasa :)

IdzaLia said...

yuuummm yumm.. sedapnyaaa..

zarin said...

your pedas manja chic looks so menggoda :D
btw, i pun slalu buat macam ni once a week..senang kan..sambil tunggu masak, kita pun boleh relax2 je ;)

Yours Truly said...

sedapnya...tengok gambar je dah lapar....hehee


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