Friday, April 9, 2010

About the HERO in you

Hiya Folks!! How are you? Wah, another weekend approaching ya. How will you spend yours? If you haven't taken your kiddos to the movie How To Train Your Dragon, then it should be tops in your list of priorities peps! Although just an animation, but it is truly inspirational. It's about believing in yourself, and to keep pursuing in what you are passionate about, even when all odds are against you. About realizing your true potential, and that being different from others does not make you a bad person. And a reminder that each of us have our own unique way of contributing to the society :)

Through the net, I found out that the movie is actually based on a book series. Of course changes were made from books to screen but the movie stayed true to the heart of the series. Read more here

Before going in the theatre. Had to wait for abt 25 minutes, so they were getting kinda restless :)

Ahhh, happy to be seated. Happy with the Twisties, Popcorn and air teh bunga

This chap couldn't stop talking about the dragon movie all through lunch at McD's

And this fella here was made to pose under the signage to remind the mommy where she parked the car

Have A Great Weekend Loveys


zarin said...

hahaha...same here..i slalu amik gambar hasya kat parking sebab nak ingat where i parked :D
i yg beria nk tengok citer ni but hasya tk no aje lah :(

dikwi said...

zarin, best sgt citer dia. i siap mengalir air mata at certain parts tu. amboi sensitip mak ;P xpe, nnt beli vcd boleh tengok kat umah aje

Anonymous said... snap pic no parking lot..nnt takut terlupa...pernah kena kt MV dulu..huhuhu

dikwi said...

Has, mmg kene snap gambo kan... esp malls yg besar2 where the parking lots tu bertingkat2 dan banyak zone...kalau tak peka mmg lupa and ambil masa lama nak cari balik..


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