Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Hilarious, dang funny bwahahahaha! Oh but sweet too

Cerita basi kah if I story-mory to u girls about my Saturday Night Movie Date? Yes? No? Yes, but what the heck woman, get on with your story-telling already? Ehheh. Ok ok, here's a glimpse of my very regimented Saturday morning, which consist of me driving my Ammar for his Taekwondo training, aaaaaaall the way from BJ to AD. Wait for him to finish his session, which is an hour and a half. While waiting, I would have my Lone Ranger style breakfast while reading the daily. After that, bring Ammar for his roti telur breakfast at mamak. Home sweet home next. It would already be 11.30 am by then. Then it's masak2 time for me lah.

Then, my very regimented Saturday afternoon goes like this. The 3 heroes excluding Azan would then wait for their Ustaz to come, where he would teach them Mengaji, Fardhu Ain, Hafazan etc and would solat Zohor with them also. The session is for 3 hours. Yep, from 1pm - 4pm. My kids don't attend sekolah agama, I decided to just let the Ustaz come once a week, and teach all three 'sekali harung'.

After that, the boys would want to indulge in some recreational activities. So bapak dia bawak la gi main bola ke etc. And finally, after Maghrib baru la Mommy Daddy boleh pegi dating2 kan. Last saturday punya dating2, we went to watch It's Complicated @ Sunway Pyramid. Like Like Like cerita ni. Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin kelakar sangat2 hokeyyyyy. Memang gelak tak hengat punya dalam panggung tu! Loved it!!

U all dah tengok belum?
Wanna know more, click here

I suka sangat kitchen dia, so cosy
I tak berapa suka kitchen yang modern2 design sangat

and suka tengok the strong bond between a mommy and her children
so heartwarming :) and lagi satu yang best tengok all the cakes and pastries shown in this movie!!
nampak sangat2 yummeh
nanti u all tengok citer ni kay?
best :-)

err, outfit pegi dating, patut pakai tudung yg ada kaler sket lah

ok, nanti kita cerita2 lagi


zarin said...

tgh aim nk tengok..hope mr hubs free ths week eheheh..btw, dear, u dah kurus ye! can see from ur face maaaa..berkesan tul ur diet n walk tu ye!

superheroes' mom said...

zarin, mmg best citer tu :) kelako. I tak kurus lagi beb, cuma kurang gemok sikit hihihi...alhamdulillah, kurang sikit pun I bersyukur sangat


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