Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Multicolored Inner Shawl - How Do You Rock Yours?

Latest Craze in the Klang Valley and across Malaysia too I should think. Inner shawls which comes in a multitude of colors and shades. Plain ones, patterned ones, layered ones. Just take your pick. Available in cotton , lycra and a mix of both. From RM5 to RM15 per piece, buy one buy all if you so please and if your budget permits. Worn with patterned shawls, plain shawls, square scarves or Al-Amira type hijabs (the instant pullover ones), entirely up to you, whichever style you prefer, whichever way suits you best.

Haaa, I know you have at least one of these babies. Am I right or am I right? I love them! Better known as Anak Tudung Syria, I find them comfortable and so easy to wear. I usually wear them with my Anggerik Avenue hijabs. I find the combi very convenient and easy to put on, just pull them over and you're good to go! A boon to busy mommies like ourselves!

You agree with me? You love 'em too? So, how do you rock yours? Below are pics of me and how I wear them to suit my lifestyle. Thousand apologies for the not so excellent photos, it's self-snapped using my Iphone... ehheh... and done very quickly too.

Cotton lycra plain pink inner shawl worn with black paisley print hijab

Cotton plain black inner shawl with printed purple and white hijab

Chartreuse lycra inner shawl and black with butterfly motif hijab

Cotton plain black inner shawl with patterned hijab (mesh material)

Cotton plain black inner shawl with patterned blue and red hijab (soft mesh material)

I also wear them with long scarves but rarely, as that can only be worn in times that I do not need to carry Azan (he would pull on my tudung and all will be 'senget-benget'). I know working mommies will have an even more extensive collection of hijabs and in more varieties and styles :) For me, a SAHM, these ones will do just fine lah.

And psssttt..... abaikan model yang comot and tumbuh jerawats di pipi tu yek hahaha.... make-up artist I tak sampai2, jenuh I tunggu hahahahahhhh. Tu lah, kot ye pun, tempek la dulu foundation dan concealar kan hahahahah.... ish ish :D Tapi takpe kan kan kan, you all kan terima I seadanya. Kan? hehehe

That's all folks!


LiAnA said...

cantikkk.. suitable for u lahh..alahh i pon start ada pimples kat pipi jugakk.. faktor cuaca huhu

superheroes' mom said...

liana, jerawat I ni kan mmmg notty betul tau! ish, ada ke masa dah tua2 cam gini baru jerawat ni semua nak tumbuh! hehhehheh. padan muka I kan? hahaha

adriana az said...

i loike,i loike..ish3x..anggerik avenue babe?hmmm...have to cekidaud..sacc kan?thanks for sharing...i just bought one inner for myself very recently,i've never worn anak tudng before,cepat headache..but the cheap ones i bought in from giant shah alam also not badla,very comfy..hehehe.makcik happy .

superheroes' mom said...

Makcik (hehe), inner yang pink tu je I beli kat anggerik avenue. Inner yg hitam I beli kat Giant 8 hengget satu. Inner chartreuse tu comes together with tudung butterfly tu. Tudung yg lain2 tu mmg anggerik Avenue, yang black paisley print and purple on white tu je hat baru. Yang kalerful and blue red tu hat lama. Bila pakai inner shawl ni, nampak revamped pulak. Mak soookaaaaaaaa!!! heheheh

zarin said...

i pun suka this anak tudung tp baru ada 1 je..sebabnya susah tul nak jumpa kat sini..eh ke i yg tk tau kat ner nk cari..btw, sesuai sgt ngan your face lah dear :-)

superheroes' mom said...

Zarin, skarang dah banyak dah jual... I'm sure around your area pun ada tapi tu lah, kadang2 kita tak jumpa cari kan... I rasa dengan u pun sesuai la Zarin.... In fact, mesti lawo you pakai.

fizamior said...

same here!!!!! i wore the same thing too!! oh! im so fall in love with anggerik avenue's hijjab... so soft, and very easy to put on... lg 1, tak payah nak iron...itu sgt penting yea...hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!

(dasar pemalas...... :D)

Anonymous said...

lawa dan senang nk pakai tudung jd nye...

superheroes' mom said...

fizamior, kan kan kan? best kan kan kan? hahahahah mmg the plus plus plus point sebab takyah iron and nak basuh pon senang!:) weehee

superheroes' mom said...

has, bagi ibu2 yang berkerjaya macam has mmg sangat sesuai... sebab mmg mudah sangat nak pakai nye


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