Sunday, December 21, 2008

Macam Macam Kerja

Last Friday at The Gardens, I bought a lovely top at Warehouse. Warehouse was having sales, 50 - 70 percent off selected items. Regretfully, the one that I bought was purchased at normal price :(  Blahhh right? Principles, Promod, Topshop, Dorothy Perkins were also having sales but of course I did not go crazy la. I'm a much much 'toned down' shopaholic now.

After months of not buying any new books, I bought these but I have yet to read them. Just couldn't find time. Sigh. 
I bought 2 new jeans to accommodate my 'new' size.. ahemm. One is this, bought from DP. Yes, that's my size ....UK 12. My Royal Tembam Self is proud to be a size 12 (ye ke?! hehe. In denial la ni). Bought another Levi's pair but I had to alter the length, as usual. Will collect it 2moro.
I mentioned about the 'magic mascara' in my previous post yeah? Product from Korea, Tsuya Tsuya is the brand name. It volumizes, lengthens and thickens all at once. The trick is to apply all three prducts. First, apply the Long Lasting mascara (it comes with a toner), then the Angel Eyes Lash Treatment Formula for volumizing, then the Angel Eyes Lash Treatment formula for lengthening, finish off with a swipe of the mascara again. I am telling you, your lashes will wow... va-va-voomm!! Cam pakai Shu Uemura falsies!
Hmmnnn, look here pulak. Saturday night we had Johnny's. My mom, Mr. AKO, my SIL and I went to the tailor to tempah baju kurung baru for Eddie's big event on the 27th Dec. Yap, hantar last minute but takpe. Tailor ni dah lama kenal, he can accommodate our last minute requests.
Earlier today, I went to SSF Bandar Sri Damansara to get some stuff for .... errr... Eddie's big event on the 27th. So I shall have to get my creative juices flowing lah nampaknya dua tiga hari ni. Lama dah tak buat keje2 ni. Jadik ke tak?? he he he he... We'll see eh??

Okay folks, getting ready to bring the kiddos out for some makan2 and jalan2. NK solat and mandi dulu. TTFN!!


YC said...


next time go SSF ask me for business partner card. 30-45% off tau?


dikwirina said...

yea that day i thot of calling u first b4 i went ... but... dengar kata masa tu u tak sihat..

will do next time. thanks luvvy ;-)


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