Tuesday, December 1, 2009

BEN 10 Power Of The Omnitrix Part 2

Inside the theatre.

Basically the show was broken up in two parts. Part One, Ben 10 as in when Ben was a boy and Part Two, Ben 10 Alien Force as in when Ben was a teenager. The show was highly energetic, with fight scenes and aliens kickin' butts... u get the picture ey? But there was a strong message of family ties, and the bond between friends too. And of course, the universal appeal of the Good vs. Evil theme.

Nice huh

Oh c'mon, start already.... or else my mom would be snappin photos of me like crazy.... ehheh

yah....Kevin Levin, the bad boy turned good, and the evil Vilgrax

Gwen trying to do her part to free themselves from Vilgrax... yeah, there's girl power too in Ben 10! Go Gwen!!

This was during the 20 mins Intermission. Grabbed sandwiches, juice and cury puffs (overpriced naturally)

yeah, back in our seats

In Ben 10 Alien Force, the evil character is this guy here - Hybrid. It was amazing how the guy inside that suit managed to walk at all, I'm awed seriously.

fighting it out, alien style ;)

grandpa Max to the rescue!

The main cast: Salute!

walking to suria klcc to get em Omnitrix

ah, the twins in the background

adam tennyson with his omnitrix

ammar tennyson with his omnitrix
go kick some alien butt then!!! lol



ash said...

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Jimmy said...

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:: vErde+hAzizi :: said...

wahhh tue die...full house tue...
if ade son mmg confirm dorang suke ben 10 kan :D

superheroes' mom said...


boys memang suka citer2 heroe hero ni coz all boys/men aspire to be heroes deep in their hearts.. hehheh...


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