Sunday, February 21, 2010

Health Thru Eating

Hallo! I am actually feeling melancholy right now with so many sad things happening around me recently. This week had been SICK WEEK, with the boys falling sick one after another with one type of infection, allergy and whatnots. Fever, flu, diarrhea, conjunctivities...imagine having four children and all of them sick lepas satu satu... it was a tiring and emotional week for me. Having to handle all, as Mr. AKO was away to Jakarta for work. Just as I thought all's better, my first son had a cycling accident where he hit his forehead against my neighbour's tembok batu. Bengkak dia besar telur ayam, can u imagine? I thought that was the icing on the cake lah kan with the series of unfortunate events happening but NO. I received another bad news that is perhaps what made me feel so unhappy now. I just couldn't take it lah :(((

Sorry peps, to write in this style which is so unlike me but I really do not have the strength or even the desire to be chirpy happy. Not even PRETENDING to be chirpy happy.

But anyway... I can't let you readers down with a post so miserable. Here are some piccies of FOOD that I prepared recently. I was trying to eat healthy and make the familia eat healthy too so I kept it simple and done with cooking methods deemed as health-ier.

Turmeric Pepper Pan Fried Fish with Cherry Tomatoes and Spinach

Roasted Chicken and Vegetables with Mushroom gravy (gravy a little runny tho)


Chicken Feet Soup with Lobak Putih


Lea Shmea said...

awww so sorry to know about your son's bike accident. i hope he's doing ok now. i agree.. we should eat healthy. wishing your family a speedy recovery. take care!

Azmiezas said...

sabar ye..sekarang ni memang musim org sakit..(mungkin cuaca kot!)

btw:..i suka menu u tu..semuanya menyihatkan n looks delicious..

superheroes' mom said...

thanks Lea :) The bruise is getting smaller but the colour more horrid now :(

superheroes' mom said...

azmiemas, tu lah kan.... memang pun sebab cuaca yang menggila sekarang nih... budak2 especially ramai yang sakit.... aduhai....and thanks ya... nak amalkan pemakanan sihat... InsyaAllah tapi agak susah... nak kuatkan semangat ni :)


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