Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Morning After, aillavitttt!!

Heya Folks!!! How are you people doing today? I just got back from Subang Parade. After sending Ammar to school, I drove off to SP alone. Reason being I wanted to get the car washed... ehhehehe... ok la ok la.. another reason being I wanted to buy some new tops.... 'some' ended up as being SIX new tops...opppsss.. But but but yang tiga tu 50% so it's justified ;) kan kan?

Ok babes, this is the LAST entry on the previous PD trip. I have to show you some photos, so you guys can have an idea of what's available when you guys go there..... wanna tengok lagi?? Here we go...........

The Water Homes... rather nice don't you think?

Another shot of the homes, see the pools there?

I suddenly had a flashback of my trip to Venice in 2005....uwaaaa...teringin nak pg Venice lagi...

The common pool which was tremendously enjoyed by the kiddos

There is a playground for your kids too, if they get tired of swimming..

The Villa with the chinese lanterns is the Spa

Enjoying a stroll around the area..
U can even opt to hire a fishing rod and while away the time waiting for the fish to take your bait :)

Adam in the Playroom

The Playroom is right next to the pool area

BabyAzan trying out the educational learning material available

While the kiddos play, Mr Ako and I lepakked at the Pool Cafe

and we ordered some chilled beverages which gives immediate relief to our parched throats..
aaaahhhhhh... legaaaaa

and this is BabyAzan saying he enjoyed The Legend International Water Homes
and can't wait to return!!!!

Finito :)


sisdee said...

adoiii dah le tgh panas2 nie..skali tgk air tu sodapnya hahahahah

nice kan view kat sana..lawa gile :D

superheroes' mom said...

sisdee... tu lah, masa I tengah pilih2 mana gambar nak upload I ternampak gambar air tu.... wuiii... terliur pulak... so terus upload... hehehehe

yeap, view sgt mengasyikkan :)

Melissa said...

This place sounds so awesome ! Cantik sangat. :)

P/S: I hope you don't mind me linking you up on my blog.

superheroes' mom said...

Oh hello there Melissa :) the place is really very nice. Perhaps for your honeymoon nanti?? hehe

thnx for the link-up, I feel honoured :)

IdzaLia said...

salam kenal akak..
cantik sgt tmpt tu sejuk mata memandang dan air tu meliurkan lia.. hehe

superheroes' mom said...

idzalia, thanks for dropping by :) betul mmg cantik tempat tu. great for relaxing


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