Monday, February 22, 2010

Mr Ako Live On TV3 Scoreboard Tonight!

Heya Folks! For those of you who have been reading my blog for quite sometime will know that Mr AKO plays street hockey/inline hockey. He started playing when he was studying in the US and continued to do so once he came back to Malaysia. Lucky for him, many of his friends who played back in the US are his team mates now for their team O'Stars Malaysia. Yes, they train consistently especially prior to the 2nd Malaysian Inline Hockey Tournament 2010 which will be held this Friday the 26th and Saturday the 27th at Sports Plaza Section 13, PJ. There will be teams coming from Singapore, Phillippines, Macau, Shanghai and Hong Kong. There will be 3 teams from Malaysia itself. For more info go here and here

So, Mr Ako is one of the five hockey players who will be on TV3 Scoreboard tonight!! At 12.30 midnight. Oh ho ho, I will have to stay up for that! :-D

Don't know whether he will be saying something on air or just tayang muka... heh heh... But nevertheless, it would be a fun and memorable experience for him :)

Official MIHT 2010 poster

O'Stars at the 1st MIHT 2009, where they won 3rd place. 1st and 2nd were teams from Singapore.

They have been training consistently, but not as intensively as the other Malaysian teams though. Let's make DOA for their health and excellent performence for MIHT 2010 yeah??? InsyaAllah, doakan ye kawan2 :)

Oppsss, harap2 saya tak tertidur depan TV tunggu Scoreboard on air malam ini ..hehe


Lady of Leisure said...

wow... sedap2 menu..

Mrs Imran said...

tgk gambar ni i teringat cerita PRIDE yg jepun tu..hehe

Lady of Leisure said...

alamak.. i nak komen kat prev entry yang ada menu roasted chicken tu tatau cemana termasuk sini hihi

superheroes' mom said...

lady, takpe.. komen kat mana2 pun stil ok... I sukeeee.. hehe..and thanks dear...nak buat healthy meals for a healthier body..hehe

superheroes' mom said...

mrs imran, cerita pride tu pasal hockey player ye? wahhh, ini sudah bagus, nk gi cari lah :)


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