Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Must be the best segment coz my Hubba Bubba was in it!!

Alhamdulillah Praise to Allah, I managed to stay awake for the live telecast of ScoreBoard on TV3 last night! I was very nearly falling asleep but thank God FB and MSN kept me busy. The kids were asleep. Did not have the heart to wake them up to watch Daddy on telly but my bestie ASNIZA HAMZAH recorded it for me. Bless her! And love her for it. She also watched the show with me and we FB-ied throughout the airing!

He actually did sound good on TV! Heheh. Masuk Bakul Angkat Sendiri? I mean really, he was really cool and all. And err, I thought he looked good too! Ok, sila muntah hijau sekarang :D

On the left is the team's keeper and Mr Ako there on the right. The helmet and hockey stick belonged to the keeper. They were both very calm despite being a first timer and it was a LIVE TELECAST too.

I noticed that he used his infamous hand gestures throughout whenever it was his turn to speak, haha. his hands were going left, right, sweeping upwards downwards, circling whenever emphasizing what was being said.

O'Stars Keeper (Boy) and Striker (Mr Ako)

I thought the tv commentator in white shirt is rather cute. Sorry can't say much for the one in black jacket though... hehe...sowwy!!

So that was Mr Ako's 15 minutes of celebrity stardom on National TV! He enjoyed himself tremendously and is all fired up for the tournament this weekend. Hey, jom la kawan-kawan bawak your kids to watch the tournament. Something new and exciting for them kan? Heh heh.


Pink Mama said...

dear, I nak tgk semalam tapi 12.30 lambat sangat. =)

Kalau boleh letak kat youtube ok gak babe.

superheroes' mom said...

hehe, memang lambat betul... turn dia keluar pun masa 2nd half of the show, after 1 am.... but terharu juga ada a couple of my friends tengok other than family members...
Will upload via YouTube once I figure out how eh... heh heh

fizamior said...

whoa... so cool...okeh i baru tau yg hubby akak hockey player.. that's so damn cool..

superheroes' mom said...

fizamior, he has always been very keen in sports since school days... secondary school he played field hockey and was to represent the state of Terengganu but masa F4 masuk MRSM so x jadi :) then he played volleyball ADP years, in the US he took up inline hockey and is hooked on it. So it's cool that he can still continue in Malaysia. But the sport is still not that well known here. He and his friends are hoping to change that :)

eynda said...

Kalau hubby eynda masuk tv pun eynda bangga hihi...mesti u tersenyum simpul je tengok dia dlm tv kan :-)


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