Tuesday, February 16, 2010

CNY + Valentine's Barbecue

Yesterday as Mr Ako and I were driving up to the hypermarket, around 11-ish, I suddenly had the brilliant idea of having a barbie (amboi, brilliant sgt le tu..hehe). Mr Ako was not convinced at first, but I persisted saying that there was the legitimate excuse of celebrating CNY (as he's a quarter chinese lol), and also to celebrate V day with our boys. In the end he agreed of course, as he is very fond of barbecues really. So we bought all the stuff needed and informed my parents and siblings to join in at 4pm. Got back home from Tesco Xtra at around 1pm and got going on the preps immediately. By 4pm, true enough everything were 'more or less' ready and my dad and bro+family came first. My sis came later and my mom came bringing 2 groups of relatives! Whoaaaa!! Unexpected but we were glad they came :) Semua habis licin alhamdulillah!

2nd son was Mr Ako's assistant at the grille

tukang bakar professional.. haha

i made tagliatelle carbonara, mashed potatoes w chives & salad

hot hot hot!

my cheesy and oh so creamy carbonara

mashed potatoes w chives

ice-lemon tea

swiss mushroom and capsicum salad with balsamic vinegar

my darling niece came too :)

relatives from Ipoh

we had a round of badminton and basketball too

and more relatives came! seronok :D

Chef2 yang keletihan!
It was an enjoyable CNY + VDay bbq!
Thanks to all who came :)


LiAnA said...

wahhh bestnyaa... makanan tu pun enaknyaaa kekeke... syok kumpul ramai2 ni

Pink Mama said...

wahhh bestnyaaaaaa.....

superheroes' mom said...

liana, memang seronok! bila tgk makanan hbis licin di makan oleh tetamu, rasa best sgt :)

pink mama, dah lama tak buat barbecue. so mmg seronok!

tifa said...

waaa...meriah nya..happy see your family have fun !

KV said...

meriahnya kumpul2 nga family.

superheroes' mom said...

tifa: thank you dear :)

KV: memang meriah sekali sekala aje dapat jumpa

fizamior said...

uuuuuu.... sgt seronok laaaa.... rs mcm nk join sekaki jek...wahahahahaha!!!! the food also yummehlicious!!!!! nyum! nyum!

adriana az said...

omg..your carbonara and salad made me drool at this hour..ish,ish...sedapnyeee..

dikwi said...

fizamior, tumpang dua kaki osso can ;)

adriana az. hehe, thanks dear :)

eynda said...

Semua nampak lazat...syokkan bila ramai2 berkumpul :-)


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