Wednesday, June 16, 2010

At Seoul Garden We Meet...... And Eat Eat Eat!!

I always look forward for school holidays. U know why? Coz that's when we have our mini gathering. 'We' as in my bosom buddies from my uni years. It's a much anticipated event for us as every time we had the get together, as there would be a surprise. Surprise tu berupa kawan yang kita tak sangka datang but datang. Ye lah, not all of us live within the vicinity of KL/Selangor kan. So, memang happy dapat jumpa friends yang datang from other states or friends yang reside overseas and balik bercuti, or simply friends yang dah lama tak sua muka. And most importantly, we get to makan2 sambil bergelak ketawa sakan just like the good old days =)

We would make it a point to meet at different makan place everytime so that we could have a change of scene and of course taste a different kind of food. So yesterday, we had our chatter banter at Seoul Garden One Utama. Seoul Garden serves Korean Bulgogi and is 100% Halal. No pork or alcohol served. It is also a place where you pay RM30 and you could eat till you drop to the floor. Hahaha. Makan sampai lebam! =) And that's what we did! And we stayed there for FIVE solid hours, of course minus trips to the Ladies and Surau la kan. Ahaks.

I was so happy to meet Nisza, my housemate in Edinburgh!
*hugs and much love*
Kebetulan she 'balik kampung'
She is currently residing in Kelantan and 'balik kampung' di Wangsa Maju =)

Kay in green and Ina next to her.
I have known these peeps for 18 years!
Imagine that!
And we still get along so well together.
*So sayang them*

The one in black (Yong) antara 'muka-muka wajib' like me lah.
Muka yang wajib ada everytime gathering, hehheh :D

Mmmmmm.....Nom Nom Nom Nom Nom

The one in mustard (CikYah) is a great cook! Visit her blog k. I am forever hoping that she would update more often though! And the cutie wearing the sweet multicolored cheongsam is Anita. She holds a Master's Degree in Special Needs from the University of Florida. Isn't that something worth mentioning? I truly believe so.

You know why meeting your high school or college buddies Very Important? It makes you feel YOUNG again! Hehehe. And yes, as I told my friends again and again and again...... We keep each other young!! And of course, it feels so very comfortable talking to people who knows you way back then, right back to  the 'wonder years' when we girls turned into women =) The stories and histories we share might make a good novel perhaps? Hehheh.

Looking forward to the next school holidays loverlies! Till then, cheers!


fizamior said...

u will always look young! tak mcm ada anak 4 okeh... hihihi...

nnt jgn lupa buat tips rahsia awet muda SHM style! :D

superheroes' mom said...

Fiza, thank u my dear. Awet Muda ke? ehheh Alhamdulillah ..... tapi..... yang tang debab bam bam bam tu yg susah nak control hahahhaha

ERMAYUM said...

what are special needs dear?

superheroes' mom said...

Ermayum, she specializes in teaching deaf students, I think it takes a remarkable person to want to take up such course of study especially when her first degree is a different field altogether

KV said...

best nya jumpa jumpi

mJ said...

betul la...camne nk awet muda ek? me muka tua laaaaa huhuhu :(

cikyah75 said...

Wi, I'll try my very best to fulfill your wish!

superheroes' mom said...

mJ, takde lah awet muda sgt I ni... dan takde petua apa nak bagi mJ... just be positive always :)

superheroes' mom said...

cikyah, yippeeeee!


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