Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I just blogged..... to say......


A thousand and more apologies to the loyal readers of Superheroes & Mom. Apologies for not keeping in touch and failing to update this blog for nearly three whole weeks. Been caught up with a lot of things, I know I know the same old sorry stories... but hey... u know I really miss u guys too. Hehe, as IF la ada orang yang rindu kat I hahahahhaah.... Eh, rindu ke? ~Ngee~

It's the school hols and yes, a very busy period of time indeed. Before that, was busy with the boys as it was exam week, plus there was a Teacher's Day celeb at my No 1's school where I attended and menyebok2 here and there hehe

Oh, and also there was my my No 3's Sport's Day in which h enjoyed himself tremendously. 

And, my No 2 had his Taekwondo grading, where he passed and is now a proud wearer of the Blue 2 belt :)

Oh, and the boys have also graduated to Level 2 in SwimSchool.

What else yeah.... owhhhhh.... I have been careless and I have gained back a couple of kgs... Sighhhhh.... Am trying not to over-eat and trying to move more. I have to move it move it yeah!! haha

Oh aye, my in-laws came last weekend, together with my SIL and biras + son... They slept over at my house but only for one night though. But we had our jalan2 cari makan session, sempat la jugak *wink*

Hmmnnnn.... itu aje kot for now yang I teringat.... will DEFINITELY post more entries ya folks..... Till then, loads of love from SHM =)


Drama Mama said...

haaaa lama betul no updates! but u did sound like u've had ur hands full for the past 3 weeks ya! hope to hear more from u soon!

Yours Truly said...

miss you too!!!

superheroes' mom said...

Drama Mama, I will definitely update often like before, now that I am a bit lega with some things and also because I miss all of you lah =)

superheroes' mom said...

Yours Truly,
so sweet of u la dear. *hugs*


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