Saturday, June 19, 2010

When there's just no such thing as 'enough'

Yesterday had another mini gathering with my uni-mates. This time around at Intan H's home in Shah Alam. At first, I thought there was gonna be the two of us, me and another friend. But, it turned out soooo much better... FIVE of us came! I reached there at about 3pm, as the general idea was for a tea session. Tetapi, apabila set-set ni berjumpa, mula berborak dan bersembang dan mengilai (haha), tea session bersambung kepada dinner pula! Aduhai!

That's the thing kalau jumpa balik geng2 ni, there will never be such a thing as having 'enough' time. Tak cukup2 berborak, dan tak cukup2 makan makan makan. Menunya pengat pisang, laksa assam, bihun sup utara, kuih-muih, cendol, ayaq teh. Hamboi2, tak hengat masing2 dah toot toot toot ya... hahahahah... xpe, lepas ni dietttttt =)

Hmmnnnn.... dah macam nak tara kucha...tara kucha cha....

We had a really good time. And that got me thinking..... As we grow wiser (and older eheh) in life, we realize who are our 'real' friends. The ones that accept you for who you are, and terima you seadanya. The ones that still want to be friends and to keep the friendship alive, even after sooooo many many years have passed.... The ones that still make the effort to keep in touch, even when distance and time are an issue.

Maybe in years to come, there might be rough patches from time to time between us, but I do believe that IF each one of us make a conscious decision to keep our friendship alive, there will never be a time when there will be no more gatherings such as what we had yesterday.

Just remember the key to a harmonious sisterhood. Always take time to listen.Do not make judgements. Accept each other's differences and celebrate it. Be wary of the green-eyed monster. Do not give advice unless asked. Dan yang paling penting dalam apa-apa pun yang kita buat dalam dunia ini, mesti IKHLAS. Jernihkan hati. 

Dan yang paling I tekankan dalam kehidupan seharian, walaupun sometimes with certain people adalah agak sukar......................... selalulah BERBAIK SANGKA.

Here's to good friends and a lifetime of positive frienship! Cheers!


Anonymous said...

steel-bonding is what u guys have...



MommyCT said...

Jumpa member2 lama ni mmg tak penah puas. Ada je nak citer.non-stop. mcm me..sib baik ingat ada laki kat umah..kalu tak mau i join member2 yg single tido ramai2.


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