Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cutie Green Froggy Gets A Trophy

One of the enjoyable things that I experience as a mother is that I get to see my children's progress and development, be it physically, mentally and yes even spiritually. I savour and cherish the moments when they first utter the word Mommy. I smile when I remember them taking their first step. I chuckled when I saw the look on their faces when they lost their first tooth. Their first day experience being a school boy brought joy to my heart. I love to go to every school plays/concerts/presentation/celebration. I go to every open day their school organized. I find my children fascinating! Fascinating to me, that is. I always feel that the greatest achievement I acquired in this life are undoubtly my children. 

And so I am sooooo happy to watch my No 3 in action on his school's Sports Day a couple of weeks ago. My No 3 is an eczema sufferer. Usually sports made him sweat and sweat made his skin itch so bad. Itching leads to scratching which leads to cracks in the skin...u get the picture right? But how are we to stop a child from physical activites which are vital for their overall development? It would be unwise to ban him from any sports events, even if he gets hot, itchy and bothered after. I think he has learnt how far he could go without it being unbearable I think. And from these pictures below, u know that he had fun at the sports meet :)

Sports day was held at Shah Alam's Polytechnic Sports Centre. We arrived there nice and early, and No 3 was greeted lovingly by his class teacher, Ms. Nisa. She has such a loving and caring nature, and No 3 enjoys her classes very much.

While waiting for the event to start, what better way to while the time than having breakfast at a nice picnic spot under the shady trees? It was really rather a cool morning and No 1 and No 2 were able to eat comfortably on the marble benches. There was a stall selling all kinds of breakfast goodie, much to my delight! Nasi Lemak, Mee/MeeHoon Goreng, all kinds of kuih-muih and not forgetting hot teh tarik, coffee, soda drinks and 'air kotak'. We ate and chatted and relaxed for a good 30 minutes there. At that time, No 3 was already in the hall with his teachers and friends.

He was the first one to arrive from his class. They even had to start the event nearly an hour late, due to some people who obviously had no understanding of the importance of punctuality. Sighhh. Why is it that some people are so intent to always be 'fashionably late'. Memang mengong arr, kan? I mean, come on la, have the courtesy to stick to the time stated, common courtesy la kan, not nice la right when soooo many people have to wait for your so-called 'grand entrance'! Really menyakitkan hati. There's even a name for it, 'Janji Melayu' or 'Malaysian Time'. Errrrkkkkkk

This was the opening act. The senior kids did aerodance to a medley of heart thumpin, feet stompin' highly energizing music! They were greeeeeeaaaaattt! It got the whole hall swaying by its high powered energy. Rasa macam nak join sekali lah kat bawah tuh...hehehe... After the opening act, the Sukaneka started. So many types of races took place. The teachers were highly creative, with cute costumes and props used. Too many pics la, cannot upload for fear of a too long entry nanti :)

What's important was that my No 3 had a terrific time and while having fun, also learnt about co-operation, team-spirit and sportsmanship. Bravo!

Oh, and what about the cutie green froggy? Hehe, No 3 took part in a race where he had to leap-frog with his team-mates. All of them wore green and had on green froggy masks with huge froggy eyes! Major cuteness!


MommyCT said...

Cikgu ni mmg pandai bg nama sports dotter nye was "walking in the rain"..pegang payung sambil jalan kepit bola kat peha. Dah le mmg hujan renyai2 lak tu.

fizamior said...

yeay!!! ala... nak tgk la froggie outfit tuh... hehehe...

superheroes' mom said...

mommyCT, ha'ah...mcm2 nama and games dorang devise... terhibur tgk...bukan senang jadik cikgu eh

superheroes' mom said...

fiza, hahahaha... ok ok...i akan upload a couple of pics froggy... hehheh...dia pakai that green tshirt but with a froggy mask yang ada lidah terjelir :)

pattern.pattern said...

hye sis..
adam is an eczema sufferer?
ada ambil any ubat x?
cos my siblings and xsalah nak kata my whole family ada eczema.paling teruk my brother.dari kecil makan ubat from homeopati.and ada ubat my uncle suggest tp alahai x ingat nama ubat tu.alhamdulillah elok la..later kalau ingat,i'lllet you know.

nak sama lagi,my brother yang ada eczema pun nama adam.he's 26 now tp eczema still mcm kids.kena ddk negara sejuk baru licin kulit.

adam sekolah kat tadika mana ye?


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