Friday, June 18, 2010

Early is good, but............

Heya Folks!! Whaddyaknow, school hols is already nearing the end. So this weekend must be super highly charged and busy busy busy for mommies and daddies, as it's the last two days to bring out your kids for funtime activities outside home before curtain calls! Monday comes, and it's back to normal for the kids and parents and the traffic everywhere will be nightmarish again :)

As I memang tak bawa anak2 pegi bercuti ke mana-mana cuti sekolah ini, aktiviti kami hanyalah berkitar di kawasan rumah, rumah my mom, Giant, Tesco, Subang Parade dan Sunway Pyramid hehehe. And so I decided to bring them for a movie treat. Cerita apalagi, the much awaited Toy Story 3 lah. Being the 'kiasu' mommy that I am, I wanted to bring the kids on the first day of it's screening, roped in the hubby bubbly jugak and we went off dengan 'eksaited' nya ke One Utama. Went straight to the ticketing counter, dah bau dah buttered popcorn tak sabar-sabar nak ngunyah while watching the show kan. And GUESS WHAT?

I brought the kids to the cinema A DAY EARLY! I bawak dorang hari Rabu! Padahal first screening kan hari Khamis which was yesterday! Bwahahahahahah!

Appadaaa Mommy!

My hubby bubbly had a whale of a time la snickering at me. Huhh!! Nyampah! =) Well, jadiknya we brought the kids main-main kat Starship Galactica sajalah, as we know they would enjoy it there. 

Moral of the story: Check la dulu screening time and date mommy oiiii

Ready for the inter-galactic experience.

The tiered play area. Thank goodness my three boys dah besar2, I don't have to accompany them going up anymore. My youngest tak ikut, if bawak dia, sure berpeluh I dibuatnya.

The small cafe cum party area cum waiting area
They have stuff like fries, nuggets, sandwiches, nasi lemak, ice-cream ..

There's even lockers for you to put in your stuff

Back from space, and now time for chow, hungggrrryyyy lehh

Okeh, bye bye for now. Nanti sambung cerita lagi k


Drama Mama said...

tak sabar nak bawak irfan tengok toy story gak! bestlah tak dapat tengok toy story dapat main kat situ. looks interesting indeed!

esh said...

Hello SHM :)

my turn tmr nite, with the kiddos :) i told my eldest boy, u finish your homework, tmr we can watch. excited la, tapi hampeh tak siap jugak homework. alasan, mata dah ngantuk mlm tadi.

buat homework mengantuk aje, masa main tak ingat dunia ..

so, when is the new turn to watch ? :D

superheroes' mom said...

drama mama, my kids are quite easy to please... kalau tak dapat tgk wayang, main kat situ pun ok :)

superheroes' mom said...

esh, we all dah tengok dah TS3 last night, the 7pm show =)

ERMAYUM said...

heheh that is funny nasib leh main galactica kalu tak mesti semua tension heheh


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