Monday, November 8, 2010

Jangan ehh

Ahhhh, Deepavali was a fun affair as well! Got free Murukku and Indian sweets like kaseri, jilebi from nice friends. Enjoyed the fireworks displayed by neighbours also. It's great to be able to celebrate lots of different festivals and culture. It broadens the mind, enrich knowledge and add to the experience of life.

Uh oh!!!
Kalau tak celebrate Halloween kira tak boleh celebrate Deepavali jugak la eh?
Owhhh, jangan makan murukku tu taww

Oh oh, and jangan tengok Casper tau... kan hantu tu?

Twilight pun jangan eh, tu cerita pasal pontianak tu!!!



Drama Mama said...

hi post wasn't intended for u tau. i'm truly sorry if u feel otherwise..i feel bad. btw i would like to chat with u tapi cari ur email tak jumpa kat sinni...can u gimme ur email please if tak menyusahkan. thanks :-)

Anonymous said...

why SHM ?
I celebrate Halloween .
But one of my friend tell me tak boleh !
I was sooooo surprise !
Muahahahahahahaha .
Takpe . I cakap consider 'ter'sambut ! :P

superheroes' mom said...

DM, dear girl. My comment on your post was not meant in anger or defense. It was just a point to ponder that could be agreed or disagreed upon, depending on a person's view on the subject matter. No hackles were raised, and no offence taken either, no worries.


superheroes' mom said...

Anon, kenalkan diri? =)

Drama Mama said...

oh thank God! i was woried sampai takleh tido malam, coz i dun want to be on a 'bad terms' with u. i love reading ur blog coz ur supermom. :-)

and true, it's the anon that pissed me off.

superheroes' mom said...

don't worry, i very rarely take offense. and with this 'ripening' age, i am very patient as well. haha.


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