Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I Love Saturday Mornings

I love my Saturday mornings. It is my routine every Saturday to send Superhero 2 for his Taekwondo training. It takes place at a kindy in a neighbourhood where we used to live. After sending him off, I have a whole hour to myself to do as I wish. I will usually go to the small friendly neighbourhood cafe in the same vicinity. I like it there, it's cozy and quiet. I will have my breakfast there, and indulge in quiet reading or browsing the net.

 Coffee & Netbook =)

 Some days if I am feeling naughty, I will order a HUGE brekkie. Like the Bavarian Brekkie pictured above. Hmmnnnnnnn, so comforting ;P

After an hour or so, I will pick-up my son from his training and we would be off to Coffee Bean as this is when my son demands his breakfast pulak. Masa ni, I minum air aje lah, sebab dah kenyang kan.

 Superhero 2's favourite brekkie pada pagi Sabtu.

 Happy sangat cos perut yang lapar and badan yang letih dapat makan and minum and rehat lepas training.

Lepas tu apa lagi, Mommy menapak ke MPH.
Picture above: My latest acquisition =)



Joy said...

oh my..syoknye ur saturday!!!

Merryn said...

wow, that's a hearty breakfast :D I love spending time in the book store too.... that is the only time i get to read in peace :)

nuttyNAD said...

hello SHM=)

i super lorve u blog

nice picture, good narration plus I can learn lotsa new vocabulary

in order to emphasize 'the new words', i utilize it in my blog,office and so forth..

have a nice day onwards sis(*_*)

- SiStEr2SiStErS - said...

adoii...tetibe je rse nk mkn half boil egg...huhuhu..

superheroes' mom said...

Joy, syok but at the same time penat coz the boys' punya aktiviti from pagi till petang every saturday.

superheroes' mom said...

merryn, yup! with young children it's a luxury having time to read =)

superheroes' mom said...

nuttynad, thank u very much dear =) keep on visiting ya. ur blog is super nice also =)

superheroes' mom said...

sister2sisters, that's what pics of food can do to us eh? sure terliur! ;P

ERMAYUM said...

start with TTW dulu :)


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