Friday, November 12, 2010

Our Cameron Trip: The Lakehouse

Ohhhhh, apakah tujuan orang ke Cameron Highlands? Strawberry? Teh? Sayur? Bunga? Ya, lazimnya sebegitulah. Tapi yang paling utama adalah kerana Cameron Highlands ada sedikit unsur-unsur 'obersee'. 

If you want to feel a tiny piece of the English Countryside, you can head off to Cameron. Well, it can't be denied that it's not as sejuk as it was say..... 20 years ago, but it still has its charms. And where else can you get the English 'vibe' if not at The Lakehouse or Ye Olde Smokehouse? We chose to stay at The Lakehouse. The place is a Tudor-styled boutique hotel, and it still stays true to what it was 50 years ago, with a little modernity to help us feel more at home ;)

For any of you whose idea of a perfect hotel stay includes a swimming pool, gym and TV in your room, this might not be the place for you. For myself, I appreciate the calm atmosphere of The Lakehouse, and revelled in its location which is atop a hill with the woodlands right at the back and rolling hills at the front. Only drawback is the once beautiful lake opposite is still under some revamping project which I guess would take forever to be completed.

Welcome to The Lakehouse

The terrace. We can have lunch, tea and dinner here. 
I love it here!

Our very refreshing welcome drinks.

The children roamed freely at the gardens of the premise.

The place is maintained really well, especially the gardens.

Real wood, to light up the fireplace every day at 6.30pm.

Rest area, good place to enjoy a cuppa while reading.

The view from the rest area. Picturesque eyy?

Blooms are aplenty, it's forever springtime here!

The main wing and the house wing a little further up.
Lovely =)

Here's the link;

Fancy a visit?


Joy said...

mmg rs mcm ala-ala duk obersi kan...syok cuaca sejuk2 gitu..mendamaikan..

Lady of Leisure said...

heee bestnya.. seriously looking at your pics ni rasa terpanggil2 sangat nak pergi sana..

Anonymous said...

berapa rate die sis?

OnFarisha said...

Lepas honeymoon kat CH 6 years back.. tak penah lagik bawak anak² pegi.. Teringin jugak.. hiks.. tunggula lepas bersalin..

Jemput jenguk blog sha kalau berkelapangan Blh follow²...

zarin said...

bestnyaaa.erggghhhh nak pi cameron gak ;-)

ERMAYUM said...

terasa kat oversea kan - kita g amek gambar ja on d way balik - sebab kita duk hotel murah kat atas sinun but memang teringin nak dtg lagi n try hotel ni :D insyaAllah kalu ada rezeki kan -

Diana said...

i pegi sini for honeymoon dulu, amik honeymoon package, mmg bestttttttt!!!honeymoon suite soooo romantic! bleh view at my other blog
tengok ni teringin pegi lagilah

superheroes' mom said...

Joy, kan kan kan? mmg sangat tenteram.....

oh you and hubs must go lah, still vibe lovey-dovey pengantin baru gitew kan =)

from 300+ onward. kalau family room about 500+ a nite.

salam kenal =) haaa, rasanya dah elok sangat timing untuk pegi skali lagi nih..

Hasya mesti nak tengok kampung strawberry shortcake kan? hehehe

hotel murah pun ok je, asal enjoy =) nanti next time u pegi, boleh la u try yang ni pulak k. price dia pun lebih kurang macam strawberry park aje, tak la melampau like cameron highlands resort (the former merlin inn)

apa lagi you...... rekindle la apa yang patut...ehem ehem... honeymoon skali lagi *wink wink


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