Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Our Cameron Trip: The Waterfall

Heya Luvvies!!! Owhhhhh, can't wait to post up piccies of our trip to Cameron last week! Banyak sangat tak tahu nak pilih yang mana =) Biasa la tu kan. We went for a short 3D 2N trip but what was great about it was that it was during the week days and right before the crowd starts getting crazy due to the Deepavali hols. So, all in all, we enjoyed the peace and tranquility of Cameron Highlands. That is, without taking into account that there is simply no such thing as peace and quiet with 4 Superheroes around =)

Oh, as downloading takes forever (tak sabar tunggu Unifi), I will make a few entries lah ye on our CH trip ni. First stop, Lata Iskandar Waterfalls! 

Dah about 5+ years kot since my last trip to CH.
But everytime datang rasa seronok jumpa waterfall ni.

Now I have 4 boys with me!
Last trip my 3rd boy was still a baby.

It was really a cool day when we arrived there. Temperature was around 23 degrees. It was really nice. And the water felt really sooooooo sejukkkkkkkk.

 Enjoying nature...

Oh look at si becok ni, 
banyaaaaaaaak sangat benda dia nak komen ;)

Next Post:
The Lakehouse, Cameron highlands

Stay tuned peepos!


Drama Mama said...

didn't know cameron ada waterfalls! our last trip was pretty boring balik2 strawberry farm, tea plantation. huhu


superheroes' mom said...

ada another one rasanya further up, robonson waterfall. but the one that we went ni cudn't miss as we can see it on the way up.
my kids suka pulak tgk ladang & kilang teh and strawberry/vege/flower farm =)


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