Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Our Halloween Fun: The Deco

Oh oh oh, did you have a fun Halloween? We sure did! Some of my friends watched spooky movies on telly, I mean last weekend there were many horror stories being played kan? Even the cartoon channels were showing Halloween series. Tee hee. My sis went to Bangsar Shopping Centre or was it Bangsar Village and she was saying that most of the shops gave out candies and choccies to visitors, even Patchi! Restaurants held Halloween themed dinners juga, like TGI and even Krispy Kreme offered their fabulous Krispy Skremes! 

Me and my superheroes made Halloween crafts and then I decided why not a party too, to go with the decor? Any excuse for a party really, hehehe. It was good fun preparing stuff, kids really took time off TV and vid games and concentrated on making bats and ghostie and witchy and a poster too. We went to SP and got some fun hats and a pumpkin bucket and soft toys. And of course, Halloween treats! Chocs and candies!

 I saw a carved pumpkin selling at RM99 @ Cold Storage MidValley! Woohoo! So expensive but well, the pumpkin had to be specially imported. Our local labu kecik and not orange kan? Well, those are our pumpkins kat atas tuh!

We got Crazy Bones lollipops too, and BOO choccies, and Scary peanut butter cups =)

 What the kids came up with, with a little help from Mommy ;-)

Sweet Tooth Galore

And....... Choco eyeballs anyone?

Coming up soon: 
Our Halloween Fun: The Food

Stay Tuned!


Pink Mama said...

wahhh mesti fun punya. I ingat lagi how big the pumpkin was back in States =)

Joy said...

terkejut tgk Choco eyeball! hehehe

superheroes' mom said...

PM, ha'ah besarrrrr sangat kan, and chomel aje bila amik gambar dgn pumpkin besar =)

superheroes' mom said...

Joy, hahahahha. My sons suka sangat benda alah tu =)


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