Thursday, November 4, 2010

Our Halloween Fun: The Food

As promised, a continuation from the last Halloween post. Now, presenting the FOOD! Simple fare really, but made with LURVEEEE =)

Scary Chicken
Baked Lemon & Herbs Chicken

Red Blood Pudding
Trifle with Strawberries

Sicko Potatoes
Boiled then Roasted Potatoes with Cheese

It was so funny coz in keeping up with the Halloween 'feel', I insisted on only lighting up the wall lights. My sons were asking me, "Mommy, why are we eating in the dark?". Hahaha.

Ok peps, will update more. 

Pssstttt, I am currently on a short pre-holiday getaway with the familia. Nite2 all!


misskim said...

looks delicious la semua 2....huhuhu...
name pun agak blood puding... huhuhuuu

superheroes' mom said...

hiya misskim! the food was enjoyed by the party goers very much =)

Anonymous said...

can u give me the recipe to make the potato dish?looks delish.

QilahLala said...

ahhhhh yummy nyeeee!!

superheroes' mom said...

QilahLala, boleh tahan sedap ;)

ERMAYUM said...

meleleh tengok strawvberry tu :d

Clara Emily Cancer said...

cmne nak buat sicko potato tuh?
menarik la.

email kt i pliss..


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