Sunday, March 6, 2011

Giant Klang Central & Pak Li Kopitiam

Heya Folks! This morning, ALL my boys decided to join me for Sunday Brekkie and weekly grocery shopping. Since the hubster wanted to follow, it's grand because I don't have to drive. Yea yea.

Usually I'd go to Giant Stadium or Tesco Extra or Carrefour Seksyen 23, and sometimes if I feel 'kaya-raya' [haha] to Cold Storage or Jaya Grocer. But today, since I have Mr Driver, he brought us to a hypermarket that we have never been before. Yes, we like to merayap like that. We went to Giant Klang Central, which is really next to Tesco Setia Alam.

After grocery shopping, we had breakfast at Pak Li Kopitiam. Sebelum ni pernah pergi Pak Li yang kat Seksyen 7 je. Anywhere pun bolehlah, hungry je semua.

Among the makan yang kitorang baham. Nasi Ayam Lemon, Bubur Ayam, French Toast, Roti Goyang Telur, Tuna Sandwich, Telur Tiga Suku. For drinks, the ever popular Milo Ais, Nescafe Ais, Hot Lemon Tea, Mango Juice and Barley Lemon. Oh nyaman!

After that, the boys pergi bermassage kat kerusi Gintell. Hehe. Kalau beli sebijik ni letak kat rumah best gak eh :-)

Kelakar betul boys ni kan. Ada-ada aje la antics dorang. But Mommy seronok dapat spend time together, one whole big family, Alhamdulillah..... Happy ek? Happy camne tu?

Like this, senyum kura-kura! LOL!
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Setia Alam said...

That Giant is one of the biggest in Klang Valley, always enjoy when shopping there:)


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