Saturday, March 12, 2011

Happy Hols! ;)

One week off for the kids! Dulu kalau school hols, I rasa uh oh, pengsan budak-budak ni semua kat rumah. But now, I feel happy! They are all much bigger now, so it's not so much of a hassle anymore to keep them 'occupied' during holidays. They pretty much devise their own plan on what they would like to do. And no making mess also, dah besar kan. Well, except for the youngest but takpe, dia sorang saja :)

Actually, they have decided on a few places they would like to go.... Hmmmnn, we'll see ya boys....

So, here's me wishing all of you or rather your kiddos a Happy Holiday! Enjoy!

Enjoy your break kiddos! But don't drive your mommy up the wall ya ;-p

Have some Hot Ginger Tea Mommies! It's on me ;-)

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zailamohamad said...

seronok bila anak-anak ada di rumah bersama kita kan;)

superheroes' mom said...

penat yang seronok ;)


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