Monday, March 21, 2011

Serai with Lovelies

Kalau cuti sekolah saja pasti ada gathering dengan rakan-rakan Lovelies. This time around we had our catch-up session at Serai and Ole-ole Bali, Empire Shopping Gallery Subang.

While waiting for them, I had a cappuccino...

And then Shah (brown tudung) and Yong sampai. Kami pun menilik- nilik menu, apa mau makan? Oh yes, my friend Shah is a lady who loves whipping up yummies from her superb kitchen. You can get many tried and tested super recipes from her blog

Then, Lilly (red tudung) and Intan arrived. What did we order that day? Nasi Kerabu for Shah, Yong and Lilly. Serai Platter for Intan. And

The Middle Eastern Medley for moi.. And I had the

intensely refreshing Serai Iced Tea! Sedapnya! And what's a girlie gathering without sinful desserts to sweeten the occasion?

Super orgasmic Pavlova! *drool*

Super happy Lovelies who chatted non-stop from 12 noon to 6.30 pm! Haha!

Tea at Ole- ole Bali: TBC

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Ermayum said...

amboi lamanya borak kak kiah :)

Ms Dots said...

Wi, yang dalam serai ice tu buah apa.. nampak macam ada mint leaf and of course serai la kan.. teruja la..share sikit

superheroes' mom said...

ya betul kak jah, memang lama betul! hahaha ;)

superheroes' mom said...

Ein, that is actually a scoop of sorbet. Serai sorbet kot? ;)


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