Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I went for the scones

The wife had mengada-ngada cravings for scones last Monday evening. It was already late in the evening nearing 6 o'clock when Mr Ako brought his clan to SACC mall to satisfy his mengada-ngada wife's request for a couple of scones. Needless to say, she was too lazy to make them herself heehee.

And so they went to The Teapot Deli.

Where she had scones AND mini quiches.

The scones were light and airy inside, and biscuity outside, so she was quite happy to gobble them up with cream and strawberry preserve. The quiche? Er hmm, x sedap. Sorry....

No 2 and No 3 had lasagne, no surprise there as they were reading Garfield comic book before coming to SACC!

 No 1 had the Fish & Chips.

Ultimate hero (Mr Ako ahemm) had the roast chicken. It was swimming in gravy, just the way many Malaysians like it :)

And the wee one... Minum Milo saja, tak mahu makan. *sigh*

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Ermayum said...

ni la tempat i ber lunch every week esp friday but lunch time lembab you but sebab cozy and rasa ok datang juga :)

Drama Mama said...

sedapnya scones kak! teringin jugak! hiks. alahai wee one minum milo only. sometimes my son pun have appetite prob..bila mood baik makan melampau...but bila taknak makan..he would just drink milk and milo. tsk tsk!


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