Saturday, April 9, 2011

Kopi Kaw @ BJ

There is one really nice place to hang out at BJ for breakfast or tea or supper if u like supper la kan. The place is called Kopi Kaw at the D'Bayu commercial centre, where Domino's and Tutti Frutti and Ayers Rock are. In fact, it is right next to Tutti Frutti where there is even a connecting door inside Kopi Kaw to Tutti Frutti. I am guessing both tuck place belongs to the same person lah. I tak lah kerap sangat dating with Mr Ako kat sini, only sometimes but really, it is a nice place to lepak because of it's location. It is a corner shop which is directly facing the famous big park/field in BJ. So, it is very breezy, and you get to see green (green is good for the eyes, my grandma told me that) and there's plenty of action going on at the field. Especially when young, lean n muscular lads comes to play footie there. Ahem! Not that I was looking at them lah kan, come on, I'm a mother of four, HELLO! Hahaha!

For breakfast, I like their Nasi Lemak Sotong. The rice is fragrant with the right lemak taste. The sambal is sedap tho if it more pedas it would be more appealing to my tastebuds (I suka pedas tak sedar diri), but if you are like Mr Ako who likes mild sambal, then this would be perfect for you. And the sambal sotong I like, the sotong is cooked well, you know la sometimes some people masak sotong ni terlalu keras and sometimes jadi terlalu lembik, but here is the right texture.

And of course, the coffee is sedap. As usual Mr Ako kalau breakfast mesti with half boiled eggs, better if it's 'village egg' (telur kampung). Hehe.

Ah here you can see the big park right outside ya. Aiyo sorry picture quality quite poor here, but can you see the huge field there? It is seriously breezy here. Best woo!

And can you see the big lady yang tak sadar diri eating Nasi Lemak when she should be having just toast (eww) in the above pic? Muahaha. Pagi Jumaat you, 'cas' baik dan ayu pakai baju kurung berbunga kecik kaler pastel. But can you see the nice ambience at Kopi Kaw? Ok, I must say the items are priced a little higher here than your average kedai kopi (that's why I said earlier I don't always come here), but sometimes I do, because really, it's a nice place to hang out. Jom Kopi Kaw?

Lepas makan Nasi Lemak Sotong Kopi Kaw test tengok muat lagi tak pakai seat belt dalam kereta?

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Anonymous said...

Hi! i live nearby too at bukit jelutong. have u try Butcher & Grill yet? i think the beef burger is awesome n abit expensive la but its cheaper during weekdays lunch. try la :)

Mrs Ahmad.. said...

I only went there once sbb I prefer tido then having early morning brekkie :p and I do love the ambience.. Kalau weekend ptg2, I stroll around with my baby and hubby kat D'bayu for a cup of frozen yogurt kat Tutti Fruitti. Love staying @ BJ!

Mrs Ahmad.. said...

and to anonymous, I tried Butcher and Grill's steak. Very juicy and yummy indeed. But I agree with u, boleh pegi sekali sekala je since it is very pricey!

superheroes' mom said...

Anon, hi wld love to know ur name nickname ;) ANyway, yes have dined in Buther and Grill (Ayer's Rock) before. Had their lamb burger ;p

superheroes' mom said...

Mrs Ahmad, Tutti Frutti memang yummy ;p


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