Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mee Siam @ Kluang Station, Tesco Extra

Midweek today, and today most people would be feeling the stress at work or at home. Betul tak? Well peepos, all I can say is.....hang in there ya!

To make it more bearable, perhaps you could have an extra yummilicious lunch today? Go on, indulge in a big juicy steak or ribs maybe, or that sinful creamy pasta... =)

As for me, lunchtime selalu just home-cooked meals lah. Nothing fancy, I will only have lunch around 3 pm..

But, for breakfast since I have a helper now, is a cozy affair lah because I get to have it outside with my darling.

This morning, since I have some stuff to buy at Tesco, after grocery shopping, we had brekkie at Tesco Extra's food court. Again, nothing fancy of course. It was the company that made it enjoyable! :-)

I had Mee Siam from Kluang Station which re-opened recently at the food-court. Good lah, cos I like the Cham there, and Hainanese Chicken Chop.

Hopefully, it will be a good day for all of us ya. Ta ta!!

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Anonymous said...

love reading your anecdotes.

just wondering, u mesti x pernah guna tangan utk disiplinkan anak2, kan. paling2 hebat pun, tinggikan suara je. hmm... salute la.


Ms Dots said...

Wi, thanks for sharing . I didn't know that it has been reopened.. hmm must go here...

Anonymous said...

Salam.. just wondering, this Kluang station kopitiam.. is it under the same management with Kluang station yg tak halal tu?

superheroes' mom said...

azrina, u hv too much faith in me la.... hehehe ;-p

superheroes' mom said...

Welcome Ein ;p

superheroes' mom said...

Anon, would love it if u at least write urnama/nickname or link to your blog. bukannya apa, bila jawab pada yang comment as anon ni rasa macam one-way communication lah.
ok, the one that was raided and kontroversi now is Kluang Rail Coffee in Johor. The owner and management of KRC is not the same as Kluang Station in Klang Valley. Totally different owner and management and they don't share anything. They also have different suppliers. But they are related. The nephew of the original KRC owner started Kluang Station In the Klang Valley.
But of course, if was2 and terasa ada unsur2 syubhah, might be better to avoid until further news from JAKIM.


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