Friday, April 8, 2011

Memang nak kena ROTAN!

Peeps, I am doing an injustice to my already 'bountiful' body lah. Gawd! Apalah nak jadi. I know that I am not 'a little' overweight anymore but 'over the top' kinda overweight now, but am I doing anything to rectify this monstrous fact? Hell no. Lagi makan ada lah! Waaaaa!
I know I should cut down on the carbs (my frenemy sigh!), and get moving! Once a week brisk walking is not enough la to bakar all the lemak tepu-tepu that's residing luxuriously in my bod. My hubs, tired of me complaining, suggested that I should join in some sports activity, or an aerobics or yoga class. He even kindly suggested that we both register ourselves at Fitness First or Celebrity Fitness together. And what did I answer to that? Firstly, I took offence 'Oh, so you really think I'm fat' and the standard excuse for lazy ass me 'But how can I fit that with all the mommy-ing and chauffering and tutoring and cooking?'. I am an impossible wife huh. *Malu* Cakap camni salah, cakap camtu salah. Ampun Mr Ako, luv ya long long time teehee.
And now, since the new maid arrived, instead of brisk walking in the morning, I ajak Mr Ako pegi breakfast out everyday. And makan Nasi Lemak, Mee Goreng, Roti Canai! How la like this? I need somebody I listen to, to give me a hard slap across all my jiggly bits and tell it to my face that I am big, fat, ugly and in danger of developing fat-related diseases. My grandma! I need her to make me see sense!
I am fat.
I am ugly.
Do something about that SHM!
Mana rotan??

Hukhuk :(


zarin said...

hahaha babe! u make me laugh laaa hahaha
eh, eh, i pun sama... i dah gain weight sesangat nih... hmm what shud we do ye? my brisk walk activity dah gone with the rain hahaha alasan tkleh brisk walk coz hujan, nanti padang tu lecak :D

eh i ternampak kat channel 706, pepagi hari ard 6 am tu ada dorang buat exercise tau! itu hari i ikut gak..tapi ikut for 15 minutes je sebab dah mengah hahaha :D

Pink Mama said...

Jomlah kita sama-sama kena rotan. I pun hari2 pagi heavy breakfast, pastu lunch pun makan sedap...huhu

Diana AR said...

same case here.. huhu

dayana said... funny la..funny bcoz i am like u as well. Asyik komplen gemuk tapi x buat pape pun..too lazy too fat. Ahh..our love hate relationship with our body! I pun sama dgn u la, need motivation to shake the fat off!! Ayuh kita buat poco-poco (b4 it'll ban msia)

zailamohamad said...

samelah ngan zaila..selalu complaint tp xde ambil apa2 tindakan pun..haisy;(

Ermayum said...

babe i obese so i bukan tahap rotan kena sebat cam kat penjara tu gamaknya hhehe
but to me you are look gorjes sweet beautiful not fat lady pun :D

superheroes' mom said...

Zarin, u jangan la nak perasan gain weight ok. U tu macam anak dara aje I tengok ;p

superheroes' mom said...

PM< huhuhu, God help us! :(

superheroes' mom said...

Diana AR, oh gosh, when will we ever learn la? erkk

superheroes' mom said...

Dayana, we r too complacent la... sedentary lifestyle is hazardous but ...... uwaaaa!!

superheroes' mom said...

zaila, akak tengok u okay, sedang2 aja apa... ;p

superheroes' mom said...

Ermayum, I x percaya u obese ok, and terima kasih cakap I gorjes and beautiful... mudah-mudahan jadi kenyataan la kata-kata u tu.... ;p


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