Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Surprise Birthday Karaoke @ Red Box, The Curve!

Heya folks! Let me tell you about my fantabulous Saturday. It started off with a promise of a good day when my mom came over to 'kidnap' my kids. That leaves me with extra time to lay about in bed, on a Satuday morning, which I have not the privilege to enjoy for soooooo long. After a nice extra bed time [lol], I had a luxurious leisurely shower where I scrubbed and exfoliated my skin till raw. A very fresh and very very clean me came out from the shower, and received a phone call from mom. She asked to join them for brunch. Yay.

She brought us to this Kelantanese/Siamese Restoren Jaring at Sunway Mentari area. By that time, about 11-ish, the place was already jam-packed. Apa yang sedap kat situ? I must say, the soup! They have this big periuk of soup which was phwoahh power sehhh. Gear box dia power sungguh. But I ordered a bowl of Kway Teow Soup aje, which was so delicious ok. Ada perut, daging etc dalam soup tu. Memang sedap. My sons makan nasi with ayam kampung goreng. Really, I wanted to try the ayam percik putih kelantan style but since I kenyang makan kway teow tu I decided nantilah lain kali pulak lah. But I sempat merasa dessert dia yang sangat nyaman. It's pink and have little bits of colourful jelly-like bits with sengkuang. Don't know how to explain it clearly lah, forgot to take any photos. Drat! Anyway, thanks Mom for the nice brunch ;)

After that, my hubs casually suggested we scrap off Saturday swim, and bawak the kids jalan-jalan instead. I was like, wah wah wah, syoknya! I immediately agreed to his invitation. Went home to change the kiddos' clothes and to bring extra clothes and milk for the youngest. Then we went off at about half past two. Hubs brought us to The Curve. Okaylah, I did not suspect anything, UNTIL he menonong-nonong bawak us to Red Box. And he jalan sooooo cepat, and my short legs were no match for his long strides. He was pushing Azan's stroller right in front and my other boys berlari-lari anak to keep pace with him. That left midget me terkedek-kedek about 10 metres behind them, totally bewildered by their ungentlemanly behaviour! But I followed them, out of breath, right inside Red Box to the room right at the end to the right side. I saw them going into the room, and I was even more befuddled! When I reached the door, I opened it cautiously, and was greeted by a very very loud "SURPRISE"!! My sis was in there too, and was smiling so broadly, obviously pleased with the surprise yang memang menjadi!! Woohooo!!! I was speechless, I did not expect it at all!! I was ecstatic!!

I was even more giddy with excitement when my cousin Ernie came with her other half, Sol! And was later even more seronok when my cousin Leen and hubby Zhaf, and kids Qistina, Qaisara and wee Ian came!! And so I was told that they have been conspiring together for two weeks for this event, via Facebook! I was clueless! They have succeeded to surprise me big time okay! And needless to say, we had a gorgeous time just messing about in the VIP room, singing our hearts out, dancing when we felt too excited to sit [haha], eating the fried rice and fried mee served together with iced lemon tea, lemonade and apple juice. We were there from 3 pm till 8 pm, Red Box extended 2 hours for us, thank you Red Box. It was a hilarious time, us plus all the kids, who were 'mesmerized' by our 'beautiful' voices and monkeying around. Fantastic family time, we sempat reminisce about our highly exciting and fun-filled teenage years where we mostly hung out together as our mommies were sisters yang sangat rapat with one another. If only our arwah mama (my beloved aunt) masih ada, mesti dia seronok tengok kami masih sangat mesra together.... Of course, a few people are missing from the original group, but now ada ramai anggota baru hehe ;p
I have a few photos here to share of the memorable Saturday....

Our VIP room. Cheh, perasan celebrity ke? Muahaha.
My boys, sis and myself.
Moi and my bongsu.
My bongsu trying out the microphone, ABC song! :)
Group photo 1.
Group photo 2.


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