Saturday, April 2, 2011

Birthday Notes :-)

My 3 elder boys gave me Birthday notes on my birthday, and judging from the handwriting and 'artwork', they must have done it in a hurry! LOL! I love them all the same though hehehe :-)

From Azfar, who told me yellow and pink makes nice color combination on a cake. But this year mine's pink n white, never mind next year lah then, he said. Hahaha!

From Ammar. This note got me laughing because he mentioned I forgot to give him 'duit belanja' so he had to go on a diet during recess. Hahaha!

And a Birthday Happy note with 'interesting' coloring skill [hehehe] from Adam.
Thank you boys, Mommy love them so much that now it's displayed on our 'peti ais' =D

And yes, the very happy birthday Mommy :-)

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4 comments: said...

very cute sons! ;))

Oh and happy belated birthday too.

Ermayum said...

so sweet :)

superheroes' mom said...

Thank you both of you! They are very funny and sometimes sweet too :-)

Yatie said...

priceless note


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