Monday, September 14, 2009

Buka Posa Gang Mpik-UK 99 @ Sari Ratu 130909

He he he he he he..... keh keh keh keh.... Bukak posa with my uni mates tadi!!! That explains the giggly mood I'm in now la kan.. Apa taknya, asyik ketawa aje.... Gelak tak habis-habis... We were a riot back there in Sari Ratu, SP. The last ones to leave, naturally.... Already planning for the next gathering, hopefully with MORE people joining in.

Me and Tini..
Ok, I want to demand an explanation as to why NOBODY informed me that my face looks shiny enough to be mistaken as the surface of a newly polished marbe table-top? Sheeeeesshhhh....

Group photo...opppsss, where's Shah and Intan H?
Hey no fair I was placed opposite Yatt who is soooo tiny she could be my daughter! Being opposite Yatt makes me look HUMONGOUS for belacans' sake! Happy to know that a number of my mates will be pursuing their PhD soon, and 2 or 3 of them HAVE already started with their journey towards a doctorate. Two of them wil be leaving for Australia soon. We shall miss you Ena & Sam but before u go, there's that gathering @ ur place first kan? Looking forward to that.

So sad that I had to turn down the offer to do Masters. Kalau tak I dah start early Sept lepas. Sedih as I had already gone to the interview and got a place already. Last minute I had to decline. But I believe the reason behind it is perfectly justified. And once a decision is made, there's no use dwelling on it further. So there.

Ah well... I do still want to pursue for a higher education. I hope it will not be too long in the future though. Sigh.

Oh oh oh , back on the gathering tadi, I had a TERRIFIC time girls. Thank you so much for turning up and making it such a fun night for all ;)


AbbyAshreeq said...

Kak nurul, know what??
Miss Tini was my teacher in secondary school. but now we are frens since i'm also a teacher at the moment.(contract teacher aja)

superheroes' mom said...

abby, hello long time no see ;)
really, that's a nice surprise u knowing tini. during the buka puasa gathering, she brought two of her x-students also, both studying in uitm shah alam most probs your juniors kot


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