Monday, September 7, 2009

Hokkaido Part 1

Ok ok, so yesterday I went out for buka posa, again So much about me going on and on about the advantages of berbuka posa @ home..... eh heh... Maknanya dah twice this week la kan. Tak pe la, coz yesterday was a family dinner buka posa thing lah. At first I wanted to try out Tokyo G @ Sunway Pyramid but ditched that plan last minute and vetoed on Hokkaido instead. Why?Craving chinese seafood. Terliur tgk the pics posted by my sis.

Hokkaido is a chinese seafood restaurant that serves absolutely NO PORK. Sells yummy seafood at a very reasonable price. It's at Jalan Lumut off Jalan Ipoh KL. Right in front of Vistana Hotel. The seafood mmg fresh,and ada air-conditioned area jugak if u dig eating seafood in air-conditioned environment lah. We had our dinner at the open air area, airy and most importantly, takdela baju nanti bau masak.....

Harus lihat dulu orang2 yang pegi makan semalam tu kan ;) My mommy and my eldest son, Q. I told Ammar and Adam only ppl yang puasa could go. It's a privilege I told them for anak2 mommy yang puasa, itu kira bagi motivation la tu.

Yang sorang ni wajib la ikut kan, since she was the introducer.. he hee...My sis Baby and her happy pose, couldn't wait to claw her way through all the seafood she ordered online beforehand. Yeah, we could do that @ Hokkaido. At home you order the food u want online. Then you just materialize yourself lah at the resto. Very convenient indeed.

Grandma kesayanganku selamanya and tuan punya blog of coz ;p

Hubster Chenta hatiku dan sapa lagi, sayalah!!

Apa lagi ni gambar yang patut ada? Owhhh, pics of the glorious FOOD kan. Hmmnnnnn................. nak biar suspense dulu lah... I will update in my next post ;)


Baby Zulkiflie said...

correction la, order by phone. i went online to carik their phone number only.

superheroes' mom said...

ha ha ha....
not yet that advanced eh...
BIG MISTAKE, sorry folks!


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