Saturday, September 12, 2009

Buka Posa Gang MRSM Kerteh 90/91/92

Wooohoo, had a blast last night meeting friends from my MRSM days back in Kerteh, Terengganu. Sangat rindu with them. Sangat seronok meeting all of them after 17 years tak jumpa! Yalah, dulu tinggal di asrama sama-sama, makan sama-sama, belajar sama-sama, nakal sama-sama, kena denda sama-sama....everything together. So eventhough 17 years tak jumpa kan...bila jumpa semula terus CLICK! balik. 17 again! hah hah

L-R Abg Azlan Shah & my high school sweetheart Mr. Ako ;)
Both of them are fathers of 4 superheroes =D

L-R: Linzy was in my debate team, yours truly and my apartment mate Zetty. Yes you heard right, apartment mate. When all the other boarding school kids stayed in dorms, we stayed in apartments. A two-bedroom apartment with a kitchen and two bathrooms! The attached bathroom in the master bedroom siap ada bath tub. And yes, ada elevators in our apartment blocks ;))

Yummy, Tony Roma's short ribs...

TR's Salmon Scampi Pasta, one of the Ramadhan Special

TR's Ribs again.... MMMmmMMM

L-R Abg Bob who was a very popular students rep back in school and Abg Rosihan, always cool

Our table... some people couldn't make it at the last minute..really miss them - hopefully there will be another gathering in the near future

More guys than girls turned up, much to Mr. Ako's delight. Itu semua gang dia la tu ;)

L-R Seniors K. Jawahir and K.Eza/Ina. K. Ina meredah hujan lebat and jalan sesak but still managed to attend, thanks kakak..

Full concentration...lapar tuuu.....hehh heh

Hmmnn, tomorrow night I have another buka posa gathering but with my mates from uni pulak... Can't wait to see them too, last we met was last year's reunion @ Equatorial Bangi. Not that long ago but am always eager to meet up with them. Our course in uni spanned a total duration of 6 years. Memang we know one another very well...Maybe more than we know ourselves? Ha ha ...wallahualam...

p/s: preparation raya macamana? I still have lots of shopping to do as mmg belum shop for the heroes' baju raya. Kasut and baju melayu dah ada. I wanna go next week, on a weekday of course..hehe


Baby Zulkiflie said...

you kena denda in school? i don't believe you.

superheroes' mom said...

denda beramai2 la dik, sbb tak pegi semayang subuh berjemaah kat surau. ALL puteris kena denda sama2... sakitnya terasa sampai sekarang... arrgghh

Ako said...

Ish ish teruknya koraNg...

Rina said...

It's me again...
I think your apartment mate is my cousin lah!

superheroes' mom said...

really? what a small small world =)
haven't met her for 17 years..


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