Thursday, September 10, 2009

Espi Gang @ Kayu Manis 090909

Last night was chosen as the date for Espi Gang's Buka Posa dinner. We had seafood @ Kayu Manis Restaurant, Bukit Jelutong. I brought my Q, Ammar & Adam along with me and just as I dah expect.... they wanted to leave early lah. So I had to leave early nak bawak hero2 tu balik. Tak sempat I nak berpok-pek dan ber cam-whore with the Espi gang....

We occupied 2 tables

Introducing the cast members of the Espi Gang.... wuuuiittt, don't play-play with this gang ah... very lethal one... he he he

Jeng Jeng Jengggg
This is the tyco, ketua gang budak nakal. Dak Reeq ni buka posa ngan cerut

Haaa, ni gang budak nakal. Babes, Fahmi and tyco Reeq

Ni gang budak separa nakal. Zu, No-or and Anna

Haaa... ni gang budak baik. Eh, Zu tu kadang masuk gang separa nakal kadang masuk gang baik..

Anna & En. Zul. Tetiba Anna control muka baik ;)

Mr Ako & Pn. Ros discussing on the feasibility of corporal punishment for gang budak nakal Espi...hah hah

Eh, y u all never take pics of Zamree and wife ah, kesian dia. Gambo beso skit of Skeleng and wife pun tadak.... Tak dpt nak feature dlm blog kan.. he he

Ok, as I mentioned before I had to leave early because of the kiddos. Masa tu I only managed to eat some rice and sekor prawn jek...uwaaaa


nasib baik dorang tapau I sweet sour crab and bun ;)

Ok Espi gang, nanti jumpa lagi for Raya gathering ok. Love y'all! Cheers....

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