Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Cute Things That I Bought and Want ;p

He he.... the cute thing that I bought tu actually the gift that comes with the purchase of Azan's formula milk lah. Look look, so cute kan. Nice! Jadinya I bought 2 lah, so Baby Azan can play with Set 1 and Set 2.

As for the thing that I want to, is this. KitchenAid processor. Of course I want the one in PINK!! Mr. Ako suka yang charcoal black tu... eeeeeeeekkk tak cantik kan. Tapi expensive lah this kitchen gadget. Over 2k.... egad!!! I frequent MatGebu's cooking blog, and I know he has one ;p But kalau MatGebu beli berbaloi la kan, with the amount of cooking/baking that he does daily. For me, berbaloikah??? Hmmnnnn... but but but, it's so pretty


Anonymous said...

wahhh ada macam2 colour la yg kt msia ek? kat sini limited colors :)


superheroes' mom said...

ye la, rosse punya wat kaler? the red and orange one pun sgt cute (pada mata sayalah)

Anonymous said...

wi, one of my dream item items too but have to be satisfied with my current kenwood presario. takde helper ni, lagi la takde baking2 segala. tepung roti pun dah ada bubuk dah! huhu!!!!

superheroes' mom said...

cikyah, ala keciannye...
hopefully ur new maid will arrive soon ya... *hugs*


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