Sunday, September 27, 2009


Time flies by so fast, our cuti raya is nearing the end. Tomorrow school shall commence and it's back to work and back to reality for most of us. For me, even if I don't go to 'work', my kind of work is also very real. Chauffering kids to and fro for their varying activities, cooking, tutoring, and ensuring everyone is happy and that everything is running smoothly. When all is well with kids and home, the man who brings the meat to the dining table will be at peace at work. You think this is the old world order? Think again.

After coming back from Terengganu last Wednesday, much of our activities fall back into the old familiar pattern lah.

ONE: I have to make sure the dapur berasap (sometimes he he), so to speak ;)

TWO: Eating out is something urbanites do on a regular basis. Tak terkecuali la kami sekeluarga. As for me, I had my fix of latte and brownies yesterday while the kids makan fish & chips.

THREE: Urbanites are mall rats. So berkeliaran di shopping centres is the norm. Ni semalam kat Ikea. Camera at the ready is also another of our peculiar habits kan.

FOUR: If not malling, go 'rounding' jalan merata. Xde keje? Inilah keje ;)

FIVE: Family meals jangan suruh mak masak, dia pun nak dine out jugak kan. So, sebulan Ramadhan tak pekena banana leaf rice kan.... so puluuunnnnnn... yum yum yummy

SIX: Next hobby is to collect all kinds of merchandise from fast food joints. Latest is Coca Cola glass when you buy the Coke Countour Glass Meal. I got mine in PINK oready... yeaayyy... ha ha ha ha
WEIRD? Yeah maybe. But aren't we all?

Oklah, enough f0r now. Nak pegi Sg. Buloh beli pokok.. Byeeeee

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