Saturday, September 19, 2009

Esok Raya, Hari Ni Turbo Charge

Where will u guys be spending your first raya? I will be going back to my parents' later today, kira balik kampung la jugak even though it's only 5 minutes away! heh heh... Tomorrow, maybe a bit later in the evening we will depart for hubby's hometown in Terengganu ;)

Now taking a wee break from packing stuff for our balik kampung trip. I am telling you packing for 4 kids is not a task which is easily done. My maid siang2 dulu dah surrender, her eyes berpinar2 don't know what to bring and what to bring... ha ha ha... as usual every time travelling with the family, this task will fall on my shoulders. And believe you me, setiap kali habis packing barang2 diorang ni, I will feel like nak muntah! Serious!

Oh oh, ada request from the boys for me to post up pics of their shoes kat dalam blog... ok lah, boleh lah... Excited nak pakai kasut raya...

Azfar Q

Wanna see THE suitcase??? Ta Daaaaa.....

Here It Is!!
Sumbat macam2 barang2 the 4 superheroes...
Haaa, ni belum inclusive of selection of toys they would bring, all the susu botol susu sterilizer segala mak nenek.... and belum lagi barang2 MommyDaddy!!! ADA BERANI?????

As for my stuff and Mr Ako's stuff, he will always pack 'em, so I takyah pening kat situ... Thanks Mr Ako, awak mmg pandai pack barang saya... nanti saya masak laksam untuk awak ye... ha ha hah

Oh yes,

Last night was so nice as all of us slept on new bed linen...he he he... rasa Raya betullah..
Oh oh oh gotta go la guys... nak isi kuih dalam balang pulak....
Later yaaa!!!!


Pink Mama said...

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to you dear and your family.

Please take care and drive safely ya. Have fun =)

superheroes' mom said...

thank you dear. hope you have a blessed and wonderful hari raya with your loved ones juga ;)
post pics of u and your baju2 raya ya ;)


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