Friday, September 18, 2009

Dad's Al Rawsha Birthday Dinner

Celebrated Dad's birthday dinner at the middle eastern cuisine Al Rawsha Restaurant @ Jalan Damai KL. Departed from Bukit Jelutong @ 6pm and reached the restaurant @ 7.55pm. Nearly 2 hours folks... God, it was raining and the roads were jammed up like totally! Thank god the kids behaved themselves throughout this ordeal.

The selllooowwww crawwllll...urgghhh

muka tahan lapar

muka tahan sabar

muka tak tahan ngantuk terus ZZZzzzzzZZZZ

tak snap birthday pics pun, sampai2 je terus serang buffet table as it was nearly cleared up! he he he... anyways, satisfied my craving for hoummous and thin n crispy lebanese bread plus arabic style mint tea ;) the lamb pun lembut aje and sedap
ramadhan buffet at al rawsha @ 40 adult and 15 kids

On another note, my handsome prince yang sulung recently received an award from his teachers in school
proud of you darling...muahhsss

err.. nama bapak and anak salah sket tapi xpe ;)
cikgu tak sabo nak raya, silap tulih...

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