Friday, September 11, 2009

Hilly San Frascisco

San Francisco Pizza @ Bukit Jelutong is situated atop a little hilly area. Much like the real San Fran perhaps, never been there before. Some of my readers have though, one in particular lived there for years, care to comment? Heh heh. Was @ San Fran Pizzeria BJ last night. With the familia ;)

Q had Hawaiian Pizza

Ammar had Pomodoro and Fussilli Mushroom

Seriously Muka Sembab me had err... mcm2

Babes had... errr Chicken Mushroom dll

Mr. Ako had Black Pepper Chicken

We had Nachos as starters

Spaghetti Marinara was my main dish

This pizza sgt sedap! Nama dia Quattro something... can't recall

Adam had chicken fingers and mushroom soup (not featured). The place is nice especially if u dine at the terrace area as it's really breezy ;) And the pizzas are really good.


azura ahmad samsudin said...

wow! nie dah byk mengelat.. makin lama makin kerap buka luar.. mengancam pulak tu menu2..

superheroes' mom said...

aju, this week mmg byk dine-out. jom aju, kita buka sesama. nanti wi fly gi LA jumpa aju :)


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