Thursday, October 1, 2009

Azan In The Tropics!

Tropicana Medical Centre je... hehe
Azan has been coughing for nearly three weeks, makan ubat but sadly belum recover sepenuhnya. Semalam when I was having lunch with Ammar and Adam after fetching them from kindy, Mr. Ako telefon bagitau he was home and Azan batuk keluar darah. Panic la. Went back straightaway ad brought Azan to the hospital. His paed now has a clinic in Tropicana Medical Centre. It's quite new, located near Segi College in Kota Damansara. They have a paedriatics unit on the 1st floor.

Remember Azan when he was still a baby? Montel gebu macam kuih pau kan? Now he is 16 months old and sangat kecik and kurus orangnya. Tak percaya? He only weighs 9.6 kg! And he was 10 kg when he was 6 months old!! As a mother I was worried, jumpa doctor berkali-kali. Bagi makan multivites segala. At last, I came to terms la kan... he is healthy, minum susu secara teratur and suka makan fruits, crackers and nasi abang dia ;) He is allright. Tak apalah dia kurus. As the paed repeatedly told me (dgn letihnya)... people come in all shapes and sizes Nurul... there is nothing wrong with him.... he he...

I, of all people should know that la kan, as for the past 10 years I ni selalu bertukar2 saiz... ha ha ha ha.... I ada baju ranging dari saiz S hingga XL =)

Azan main weighing scale, at last Mummy had to dokong him and sama2 step on a different machine. Then Mummy amik weight without him pastu deduct the difference to get his accurate weight reading!

Nothing better to do ka? Lantai pun nak snap gambar ;)

Oit! Balloon squirrel yg paed bagi dia bikin jadi football pulak. Busy kicking the thing around.

Azan was utterly mesmerized by the ikan2. Too funny his facial expression while concentrating kat the aquarium. Good thing really, at least senyap sekejap dia kat situ.

Muka tension taknak balik because nak friend dengan ikan lagi ;p

Alhamdulillah nothing serious. Cuma tekak ada injury sikit because of prolonged coughing, hence the spots of blood. No wheezing or lung infection detected. Temperature ok, no ear infection. Just that he had to take a round of antibiotics and some cough syrup. Lega alhamdulillah.

And after the one incident yesterday tu, he did not cough out blood a second time. Hopefully my little sunshine will recover asap, Amin.


Miss S said...

thank god he's ok! he's abt maira's weight. maira's 9kg.

superheroes' mom said...

but maira still nmpk gebuuuu ;))


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