Monday, October 26, 2009

Kay Tee Part 1

Tuesday 2oth October 2009.

Started our journey to Kuala Terengganu. The weather was nice and everybody was looking forward to a week in KT. For Mr. Ako he was eager to get on with the show, after months of preparation. Can't wait to get it up and running. He was full of enthusiasm as it's happening in his home state! For me I was happy to be away with the kids for a change of routine, and of course was more than bersyukur I get to tag along even when I am no longer involved in the running of the event. Well, I get to run the homefront lah - itu pun dah cukup buat makcik semput okayh! hehe
Before going off, stopped for lunch dulu. Mana boleh tak isi perut bebudak tu, maunya meragam dalam perjalanan nanti kan... Went to Wendy's aje lah, senang...

Well, this is the usual arrangement. Me and Mr Ako kat depan, Azfar Q and Ammar kat tengah, Bibik and Adam and BabyAzan kat belakang.

But sometimes BabyAzan akan bersama Mummy di depan. OOppssss... this is bad jangan ikut ok. Child must be strapped in his/her car seat at all times.

Siang bertolak dari KL about 2pm, malam around 8 - 9pm baru sampai di KT. Our apartment hotel is situated in Pantai Batu Burok.

Can you believe it, sampai kat KT pun singgah ke Giant. Of course for necessary provisions lah. With a household of 7 you must equip yourself with a host of keperluan. To last a whole week. Actually make it 7 + 2 because my parents joined us the next day.

From Kemaman to KT this billboard terpampang di jalan2 laluan utama. That's the event la folks. M2K. Last year we had it in JB. This year in KT. Next year? TBA lah ye...hehe

Okay, this is the place we stayed in. Sumai Suite Hotel. Konsep apartment lah. Ada yang 2,3,4 bedrooms. Ours is of course the 4 bedroom one. This place not bad lah in my opinion. Of course it's not perfect and don't expect it to be like Shangri-La or yang sewaktu dengannya. I like it as it's suitable for family stay, having it's own dining, living and kitchen area.

Q and Ammar enjoying a simple dinner. Mee goreng tu saya punya ye... heh heh

This is the kitchen. There's one funny thing about this kitchen sebenarnya.... Tak nampak dari gambar ni. Kitchen tap dia sangat tinggi jaraknya dari kitchen sink ;) Kalau membasuh memang bersepah air! hehehe... well... but this small thing doesn't really bother me lah... As I mentioned in my previous post, there's no stove so we bought a hotplate. I must say that it was put to good use the week we were there ;)

This one here is the smallest bedroom. All rooms are equipped with a/c.

This is the biggest room. It comes with an attached bathroom but no bathtub ya! The other two rooms has twin beds. I must say, we enjoyed a comfortable stay here last week.

Okay la peeps, I shall continue in the next post wokeh?

Toodles ;)

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