Wednesday, October 21, 2009

From our balcony

Updating from our apartment @ Sumai Suite Hotel, Kuala Terengganu ;)

This place is right next to the Primula. I like it as it's suitable for me with 4 kids ;) Our unit has 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a kitchen with fridge and cabinets. Unfortunately no stove but last night we went to Giant KT and bought a hotplate, a saucepan and a frypan. Stock up the fridge with some easy to prepare foodstuff and we are all set! We r staying till Sunday.

Mr Ako is very busy preparing for the M2K event which will take place at the TTC. I am busy too, taking care of the brood ;) hehheh....

Oh what a glorious day indeed, petang nanti nak bwk Superheroes jalan kat Pantai Batu Burok.... Bye for now lovelies!!!


Anonymous said...


Selalu kalau KT dok Primula.. tak pernah perasan apartment yg Wi mentioned ni.. baru ke?

Selalu makan nasi dagang kt gerai simpang nk masuk primula tu..

Eh miss pulak nak pi Tganu hehe :D


Sharinginfoz said...

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superheroes' mom said...

Rd, the place is fairly new but I was made to understand it was kind of a revived project kinda thing.

Kedai nasi dagang hujung simpang masih beroperasi ;)))


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