Monday, October 5, 2009

He hit the DELETE button!

Yeap, that he did just that! My son terdelete more than half of the pics we took during the Raya Get Together at my house last Saturday. Menangis tak berlagu I. But then, what to do lah kan. What's left are these pics I took main2 on my iPhone and some pics from my camera yang terselamat. But all those photos of my friends from my mrsm days and mla days plus my summer of 97 buddies from milwaukee all deleted! Also of ESpi gang jugak...Tension mak! sob sob sob. Yang tinggal hanya kenangan yang tersimpan in my mind lah.

Azza's girls and Stoppa's girl in pink pants.

Aroha and the girls ;)

Zue and daughter and moi.

Ayom's 2 boys out of 3

Ayom's wife, Ayom, Atoi and Mr. Ako

Abg Mie, Aroha and Q looking tense (that was before he deleted my photos uaaarrgghh!)

The first few guests melayan nasi beriyani ;)

The Drinks Station

Satay...yum yum... and the kuah beriyani gam...adussss sodapnya

acar buah power betul

Although the deleted photos incident saddens me still, I had a great time entertaining the guests and catching up with old friends. And it was really nice meeting their family for the first time. All still looking good despite the years gone by and such gorgeouussssss kids ;)
Ada umur ada rezeki berjumpa kita lagi next Aidilfitri =)


Pink Mama said...

yang terpahat diingatan tu yang penting =)

superheroes' mom said...

True true!

Fa-Ei-Za said...

salam perkenalan mrs. superheroes!terjumpe u punye blog masa cari info pasal kemasik beach. Nice blog & my kids pun superheroes jugak tp kecik2 lagi...feel free to drop by to my blog, just click on my name :-) I'm one of your followers now!

superheroes' mom said...

hello fa-ei-za, nice to meet u ;) thanks for following and i will check out ur blog soon =)

Anonymous said...


Sedapnya sate tu.. :P


superheroes' mom said...

rd, sorrylah yang.... Xdapat nk pos ke sana. Balik curi Ke Msia nnt mkn byk2 ok?


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