Friday, October 30, 2009

Baby Bye Bye Bye Bye Bye

Bye Bye Baby who? Last post on previous Kay Tee trip. This was during the last day eh no... last half day we were there. All in all, I really enjoyed the week long stay there. True, I mostly drove around myself around KT with the kiddos because Mr Ako was tied up with work (M2K), but I enjoyed myself immensely!! It was okay as I had help from my helper and also my parents joined in the third day.

With Adam at the apartment we stayed in before checking out.

Early morning from my bedroom window.

Another one with Adam.

My Bam Bam Ammar.

Posed beside unmade bed, yoo hoo housekeeping where are you??? hehe

Yep, sebelum balik sempat ke Pasar Payang sekali lagi. Mr. Ako nak beli sampin songket pastu sempat le I merembat sepasang lagi crepe silk batik. eh heh.

Ok. The End Of Kay Tee Trip October 2009.


Azreen said... sakan...hehe..jom la singgah blog reen..leh join contest...

IdzaLia said...

Salam kenal.. follow too ye.. shopping jgn x shopping..


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