Monday, October 26, 2009

Kay Tee Part 2

Being on the 8th floor, we were blessed with an awesome view of the South China Sea. Blue yonder as far as the eye could see. Thus the tiny balcony became such a focal lookout point not only for me but my kiddos as well. Even the littlest one could take a peek, from the gaps in the bricks ;) But I was standing sentry everytime they went to the balcony, I had vivid images of people falling off balconies that was how paranoid I was! Ha ha ha...

Kiddos enjoying view and the ocean breeze ;)

Captured early morning

Adam with his compulsory glass of orange juice in the morning

Captured mid-morning. At this time, Mr. Ako had left for work, went off to site. I had no transport lah so we just lepak-ed and watch tv and play ps2 and makan and lepak-ed some more....

Ahhh yesss, not forgetting I still supervise tutorial ya ;) 2 hours only with a short break in between. I'm baik like that , no Cruella la me.... Heyyy, skipping school doesn't mean you can't do schoolwork kan...

Captured when the sun was blazing hot! Thank god I was in the air-conditioned sanctuary yibaa!! My parents arrived later in the night about 8 pm. We went out for our first Nasi Dagang Nasi Minyak round ;)) Lip smacking good too!

Will blog more later, stay tuned!

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